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Phone stopped working? It could be SIM splitting The dangerous new scam emptying bank accounts by intercepting your calls and textsSneaky fraudsters are making use of a SIM card trick to steal thousands this is how they’re doing it and what you need to know to stay safe17:00, 2 MAY 2017Updated17:05, 2 MAY 2017Action Fraud has warned people about the threat of the SIM splitting scam (Image: Getty) Recent news stories have revealed a clutch of Santander customers have had thousands of pounds stolen by the fraudsters who have made use of this trick, prompting fraud experts Action Fraud to issue a new warning.So what is SIM splitting? How does it work and how can you protect yourself and your cash?How does the SIM splitting scam work?Firstly, the scammers will try to get as much information as they can about a potential victim.They go through their social media profiles, attempt to intercept their post, try to con them into installing malware or simply try to buy information from organised crime groups.Now they have this information, they will then call the victim’s mobile phone network, often from a blank SIM.They will then claim that the handset has been lost, stolen or damaged , hoping that they will be able to bluff their way through the security questions.If they manage it, they can then cancel the old sim and activate a new one. The scammer may then ask for all calls and texts to be diverted to a new phone.Read MoreScams to watch out forThe victim won’t realise anything is wrong until their mobile stops working. According to Action Fraud, many people will not think anything of this, assuming there is simply a signal problem.The scams that catch the most people out and how to protect yourself from ALL of themThe scammers now try to act they try to hack into the victim’s online banking in order to open a new account, generally a business account.There is usually fewer security checks here, as the account is in the existing customer’s name.Once the account is open replica handbags , they can then transfer cash from that account into accounts they control.And the clever bit is that if the bank calls or sends a text to confirm that the payment is genuine, those calls and texts will go to the scammer’s phone, allowing them to greenlight the shady transfers.How to fight off the SIM split scammersAction Fraud has outlined a number of steps you can take to keep the scammers at bay.

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